Incide PC Pest Control Cellulose Insulation

Benefits of Incide PC Cellulose:

- Thermal Resistance and Energy Efficiency
  InCide PC has a higher effective thermal resistance rating than conventional insulation materials. It has superior thermal characteristics because it fills the entire wall cavity / ceiling, eliminating gaps and preventing air flow.
- Control Insects and Mold

InCide PC creates an effective barrier against insects, mold, fungus and other pests.

- Flame Resistance

As a Class 1 building material, InCide PC is resistant to heat and flame. Cellulose is dense, it packs wall cavities and attics and suffocates fire.

Research shows that the fire retardant capabilities of InCide PC and its density keeps air from feeding a fire. So a structure insulated with InCide PC will burn slower, which could very well provide time it takes to save a life.

A report from the "Natural Resources Defense Council" December 1996 states , "It would take 300 years or more for cellulose insulation to lose enough of its fire retardant to affect combustion.

- Sound Control
  InCide PC has an excellent sound transmission (STC) rating, and has been used in hotels, apartment buildings, offices, and television studios for its superior sound absorption characteristics.
- Safe and Natural

InCide PC is a natural product, made from recycled cellulose fibers. Cellulose is 80% recycled newspaper by weight, with 20% non toxic borates added to resist mold, insects and fire. It will not harm humans and it is ecologically better way to insulate a house.

Cellulose has the highest recycled content of any insulation material and also has less embodied energy than fiberglass and other furnace produced mineral insulations.


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