Incide PC Pest Control Cellulose Insulation

Standard Specification

Classified in accordance with the following ASTM C739 characteristics

Flammability Characteristics
Critical Radiant Flux > 0.12W/cm2
Smoldering Combustion < 15%


Environmental Characteristics
Corrosiveness Non corrosive
Fungi Resistance Resistant


Physical Characteristics
Density (Settled) 1.6 lb/ft3
Thermal Resistance 3.7 R/in (at 4 in)
Moisture Vapor Sorption Acceptable
Odor Emission Acceptable



Physical Characteristics (Sidewall Application)
Density (Settled) 3 lb/ft3
Thermal Resistance 3.8 R/in (at 5.5 in)



1. Scope
This specification provides data pertinent to the pneumatic application of InCide PC cellulose insulation in attics and walls. InCide PC cellulose insulation provides outstanding resistance to heat flow for thermal applications, noise control for acoustical treatments, and fire control in walls & attics of residential & commercial construction.

2. Materials
More than 80% of the content of InCide PC cellulose insulation is processed from recycled cellulose fiber. These fibers are chemically treated to create permanent flame resistance. The additives are non-toxic, will not irritate normal skin, will not attract vermin or insects, and will not adversely affect other building materials.

3. Functions
Insulation. InCide PC cellulose insulation resists the flow of heat in three ways. Air is trapped (1) within, (2) by the wall of the fiber, and (3) between fibers creating significant resistance to air movement.
Sound Control. These same isolated air pockets and density also provide effective noise reduction in walls & between floors by effectively creating a customized batt at the job site.

4. Material Characteristics
InCide PC cellulose meets all the test requirements of American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) C 739. Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) R 8296 tested the following properties: Density, Thermal Resistance, Surface Burning Characteristics, Building Codes, Moisture Vapor Sorption, Corrosiveness and Other Properties Tested.

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