SATAC System Benefits

- Thermal Performance

The purpose of insulation is to effectively maintain a building's environment by controlling its gain or loss of heat. However, thermal performance is greatly affected by air infiltration resulting from voids, seams, cracks and other structural irregularities.

The SATAC System stops air infiltration allowing the insulation to perform to its maximum thermal efficiency, thus saving money on heating and cooling costs.


- Acoustical Control

The SATAC System creates a sound barrier by sealing off potential sound transmission points. Its resilient fibers naturally absorb sound energy and reduce reverberations resulting in excellent STC (Sound Transmission Class) and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ratings.

This spray-on system creates an improved acoustical environment for applications ranging from theaters, auditoriums, and television/sound studios as well as manufacturing environments.


- Fire Retardant

SATAC is noncombustible and intense heat will not penetrate its protective barrier.

"SATAC" has been tested as a Class 1 Building Material and is approved for use as a fire retardant insulation for building interiors.


- Condensation Control

When hot humid air comes in contact with a colder surface, condensation forms. Once air finds its way between the building surface and the insulation, moisture problems begin, often leading to a reduction in thermal performance.

The "SATAC" System creates a monolithic seal, which greatly reduces the chance of moisture development while maintaining maximum R-Value efficiency.

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