SATAC System

The following ASTM tests were conducted by R&D Services, Inc . In accordance with the applicable ASTM Standards.

ASTM C1149-02 Self-Supported Spray Applied Cellulose Thermal / Acoustical Insulation
ASTM E-970 Flammability Characteristics  
Critical Radiant Flux Acceptable
ASTM C-739 Physical Characteristics  
Corrosiveness Non corrosive
Fungi Resistance Resistant
Odor Emission Non-objectionable
Moisture Vapor Sorption 0.32% (Acceptable)
Percent Hydrogen Ion (PH) '7.1%
ASTM C-518  
Density (Applied) 2.2lb/ft3
Thermal Resistance 3.7R/in
ASTM E-84 Flammability Characteristics  
Flame Spread Index 15
Smoke Development Index 5

This product meets the amended CPSC standard for flame resistance and corrosiveness of cellulose insulation.
(CPSC Standard HH-1-515E, 16CFR -1209)

Also tested and in compliance with ASTM:E605 Density, E-736 Bond Strength, E-859 Air Erosion, E-735 Adhesive/Cohesive Strength, C-423/795 Sound Absorption Test (NRC), E-90/413 Sound Transmission Test (STC)

Sound Absorption Coefficients :
120 hz 0.09
200 hz 0.19
250 hz 0.23
500 hz 0.77
800 hz 0.99
1000 hz 1.01
2000 hz 1.00
4000 hz 1.05
5000 hz 1.09

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) : 0.75 for 1 inch application on plasterboard.

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