Hydro-Auto Home Reservoir System

 Water Crisis? Water Shortage? Low Water Pressure?

With Hydro-Auto Home Reservoir System, you will not have frequent water problems and long to have a constant and hygienic supply. You can save half of your water consumption and reduce the water bill by using rainwater collected with the Hydro-Auto home Reservoir System.

Benefits of Hydro-Auto Home Reservoir System:

1. Convenient

- Automatically fills up even as you sleep or not in the house

- Shuts off by itself when Polytank is filled

- Enjoy peace of mind

- Use water from both the main water or rainwater

- Scour valve at the bottom of Polytank facilitates cleaning

- No need to carry water into the house or to have messy containers all over the house in the event when there is no water supply.

2. Economical

- no overflow

- no spillage

- low maintenance

3. Reduces Water Cost

- saves half of monthly water bill by using rainwater

4. Ensure Sufficient Storage of Water
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