Roof Restoration (R'Renov)




WHY RESTORE YOUR ROOF ? Roof is designed to protect your family and assets from inclement weather conditions 24 hours a day. The long exposure under hot sun & acid rain may cause discolouration, growth of fungus & algae or cause cracks to the roof tiles which eventually lead to roof leakages.

There are many types of undetected roofing problems which cause roof repairs become extremely costly along with creating unnecessay damage to other areas of your home and inconveniences should the roof is required to be replaced or reinstate to keep up its performance.

Roof Restoration (R'Renov) offers an alternative solution to the house owners instead of installation of new roofing & replacement which is time consuming and costly.

The Roof Restoration process is designed to bring your weathered roof back to a quality condition, durable colour finish, extending its life span and save you the expensive cost of a roof replacement.

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