Roof Restoration (R'Renov)

How does R'Renov works ?

R'Renov is a roof restoration process by application of SEAMASTER 8700 ROOF GUARD ROOF PAINT to the surfaces of exisitng roof. The product is complied to SIRIM QUALITY SYSTEM MS ISO 9001-2000 REG. AR 2480 . It is a superior quality water based acrylic paint for sealing of minor cracks on roof tiles and other cementation surfaces. It is suitable for all types of roofing such as galvanised sheet, concrete roof tiles and asbestos cement corrugated roofing sheets.

The water based acrylic paint has excellent adhesion and provides excellent water resistance membrane for the substrate.


Provides sealing and water proofing for cracks and precast joints. Suitable for all types of roofing and roof gutters surfaces including zinc, galvanised sheet, asbestos, cement tiles and roof slates. However, it is not recommended for surfaces which are submerged in water for long period.



Ingredient: Acrylic resin, mineral extenders, pigments and additives
Solvent: Water
Density: 1.30-1.45 (kg/litre)
Viscosity: 95-105 k.u.



Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 200-300 microns per coat
Drying Time: Touch dry : < 30 minutes
  Hard dry : < 1 hour
  Curing : > 24 hours
Recoating Interval: Overnight



Ensure that the surface to be applied is free from grease, oil or other loose material


Method of Application : Airless Spray Equipment from USA

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