Roof Security System (R'SeQ)

Does your roof leaks during rainny days?
Do you have sleepless nights; worrying of robbers breaking in from your roof?

SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS WITH R'SeQ before it's too late !!

A house is a shelter that provides us the security and protection against inclement weather. In order to enhance the security against burglars in particular, houses nowadays are secured with alarm systems. However, most house owners have overlooked that ROOF IS THE WEAK LINK IN ANY CHAIN OF SECURITY.

Although the loft area can be alarmed using movement sensors, but the accidental triggers of the alarm system are often false alarms that can be quite annoying and disturbing especially to the neighbours.

Recent reports show that break ins or forced entries through the roof have increased. All tiled roof are simple to dismantle, often with the tip of a steel toe cap to push the tiles up, lift out few pieces of roof tiles, break a timber batten and you are there on the loft / top of the ceiling. Access to the rest of the house is easy vide a boot through the ceiling.

To make a tiled roof secure is a matter of slowing down the burglar or make it more troublesome or time consuming and noisy for break ins to take place.


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