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Roof Security System (R'SeQ)

Roof Security System provides various ways against break in or burglars through roof besides solving unidentified roof leakages
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Roof Restoration (R'Renov)
Roof Restoration is a high quality spray acrylic paint coating system to restore faded and fungus roof 
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Home Thermal Insulation (PC Insul)

PC Insul is a layer of natural fibre cellulose measuring approximately 100mm thick install on top of the ceiling to reduce the amount of heat transmitted to the rooms. Its function is mainly to keep the house cool and comfortable without the use of any air-conditioning units on a very hot day. The house temperature could reduce between 4-7 degree Celsius with PC Insul and reduce electricity cost in cooling the house / office during hot days.


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Hydro-Auto Home Reservoir System

The Hydro-Auto Home Reservoir System helps to save half of the household water consumption and reduce the water bill by using rain water for general cleaning, car washing and gardening use. It overcomes the low water pressure problem and comes with water pump, water filter and multi filtration drinking water system.

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Mechanical Oil Interceptor System

The mechanical oil interceptor is designed to prevent spillages of oil or diesel, oily waste water to discharge into the drainage system which shall eventually pollute the streams, rivers and the environment.

Mechanical oil skimmers will be incoporated into the mechanical oil interceptor system to extract oils / greases on the surface of the water flown into the interceptor. This system is suitable to be installed in areas such like car / plant workshop or service centre, restaurants, petrol stations, industrial factories or areas specified by DOE.

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TCL Systems Sdn. Bhd.
- Roof security system
-Roof restoration
-Home thermal insulation
-Hydro-auto reservoir system
-Mechanical oil interceptor.
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TCL Resources Sdn. Bhd.
-Thermal and acoustic insulation:
-Incide PC Pest Control Cellulose Insulation
-SATAC system
-Industrial noise control
-Highway sound barrier wall.
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-Building construction
-Property development
-Project management services
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